Welcome to Wessex Facilitation

PLEASE NOTE THAT WHILE CURRENT GUIDANCE PRECLUDES ALL BUT ESSENTIAL FACE TO FACE MEETINGS WE ARE WORKING REMOTELY USING PHONE AND VIDEO TOOLS. We can offer help with your teams at this time. Creating a protected environment to reflect, learn from and celebrate the achievements and survival of all staff involved.

We are a group of development  facilitators working predominantly with doctors, clinical and administrative  teams in primary and secondary care, and in educational settings. We facilitate using a range of techniques including coaching, mentoring, supervision, team appraisal, team development and organisational consultancy and strategic planning. We help individuals and teams ask and answer the important and often challenging questions that are core to sustainability,  managing the challenge of constant change and delivering optimum performance.   We help individuals and teams to communicate, to plan, to  celebrate their achievements and to solve problems together.  

Growth and positive development of individuals and teams is what we do.  Our shared core beliefs include: that we celebrate achievements before problem solving, and learn from what we find challenging, that difficulties in a team benefit from being viewed by the team as a learning opportunity, that investing time in planning and reviewing how you (individually and as a team) are working is vital to maintaining well being and effectiveness.  We have both shared skills and different and complementary areas of expertise – we enjoy working together as well as separately, and value our position as a freelance consultancy, without any vested interest in a particular outcome apart from growth and development of individuals and teams.  We use tried and tested management tools, techniques and processes, developed and adapted through many years of experience

We have worked predominantly in NHS primary care (General Practice) but have experience in many settings including secondary care and different organisations (NHS, Independent, third sector and commercial). We have worked over the years with hundreds of primary care teams, have worked with several practices and CCGs as part of the GP resilience scheme, supporting a number of individual doctors through supervision, coaching and mentoring. We are currently working with a number of GP practices and now working work with emerging PCNs and with Federations.

If you would like more information than is available on this website please contact one of us.

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