What we do

We offer facilitation to teams, individuals and organisations. We primarily work with health professionals and managers of health services to support how they work. We use a variety of approaches, techniques and skills in our work but talk about them collectively as ‘facilitation’. Coaching, supervision, mentoring and consultancy all pay a part in how we work and while with any one client one of these may predominate we find integrating these different ways of working is most useful for individuals and teams. Typically after an initial discussion we will offer a ‘diagnostic’ meeting looking in depth at the issues before suggesting how we might facilitate the client in addressing their issues. Our ethos is that while at times is appropriate to just make a recommendation, much more often it is more useful to support the client in articulating what needs to happen and supporting them in doing this. So that not just the presenting issues are addressed but that the individual capacity, team’s resilience and organisational intelligence are developed to help navigate future challenges.

Some of the ways we work are described in more detail under the drop down menu.

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