“We decided that the cumulative effect of shouldering the emotional burden of listening to patients for many years may be having an adverse effect on medical and nursing staff. David Owen is a very skilled and experienced supervisor who enabled us to begin to understand how we could better cope with the work and stresses it brings. His confidential and highly professional approach was crucial in that process. We cannot recommend him highly enough”

“We needed to put together a training workshop but no one in the group had any experience of doing this.  Luckily for us David Owen was on hand every step of the way with his guidance and support.  We told him what information we needed to get across to the audience and he coached us in how to do this effectively.  On the day David did a really good job of getting the audience to be enthusiastic and motivated.  The interaction and communication between the smaller groups was much more than we had anticipated.  By the end of the workshop we all felt that the workshop had exceeded our expectations and this was largely due to David’s input and support”.

“The clinical role play afternoon was thought provoking and enabled us to look at our day -to- day work through different eyes. David got everybody to contribute and made a potentially discomforting afternoon enjoyable. We have applied some of the techniques and found them very helpful in our consultations”

“It was a pleasure to work with David again. David works as a facilitator for our practice away days. He has an excellent working knowledge of General Practice and how partnerships function. Bringing a knowledgeable independent set of eyes and ears to an away day is key to its success. David is not afraid to challenge thinking and individuals which makes us as a team find solutions that we all have ownership of. David worked with our manager to plan the day, it ran seamlessly and the output has set us up with a good plan for the coming year.”

“We commissioned Wessex Facilitation to do a very particular task which involved making changes to a long established team with long established patterns of behaviour. They took the time to prepare and understand  our organisational complexities . They worked with us in a deep and challenging way, often  touching on raw emotions, but supporting us to find ways to acknowledge feelings and move on, ending up  with practical work based solutions to change our behaviour.  Working with them made a lasting impression on us all, once  the awareness was triggered, there was no going back to old patterns!”

“They organised and managed a room of 50 with ease [yes…including doctors!!!] their style is captivating and they never let a moment get out of control or an opportunity be lost.  They keep everyone interested and involved, stay on topic, run to time, exceed expectations and all of this with continual smiles.  We would recommend them highly to anyone who wants facilitators who brings the best out in everyone, keeps things under control and gets the work done in a way that makes everyone feel they have had a great day and really achieved something. I cannot recommend this great service highly enough.”

“We had our meeting facilitated by Dr David Owen. The Partners, Associate GPs and myself (Manager) attended the session.   We found that the session was helped by having a facilitator who met with us prior to the away day to speak to us individually to see what our aims and objectives for the day were, also gathering information from senior staff at the practice who were not attending but could offer valuable ideas and suggestions. David was then able to draw together a plan of the day, including short-term and long-term goals. We tackled some difficult areas within the session, which were superbly handled by David, allowing us to address concerns and plan a way forward. One of the major benefits for me of having a facilitator there was he was able to question and draw out information to get to the fundamental items without any preconceived ideas. Everyone was encouraged to participate and put forward ideas and suggestions, we even undertook some work in smaller groups to cover various topics and then discuss in the larger group.”

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