Strategic Reviews

As facilitators we work with teams and practices to help them review their work and where appropriate advise and support them in addressing areas of their practice that require attention. This is often done as part of an away day (or half day) or as part of an annual review cycle. Issues that often come up include, succession planning, leadership (senior or managing partner), working at scale opportunities (or even supporting practices through a merger), changing working patterns, communicating with staff (including explaining and planning for implementation of  change), communicating with patients and identifying opportunities or responding to demands.

Health Education Wessex (HEW Courses and Conferences) has a budget to fund facilitation for a small number of Wessex General Practices  each year for an away day or practice review meetings. After preliminary discussions we will usually meet with the practice manager and key individuals to develop an outline plan for a day or half day meeting and clarify clear objectives for the meeting. Feedback from those using this service has been very positive (see our testimonials).

The service is confidential and the issues raised will not be discussed elsewhere. Issues that practices have looked at in these sessions have included: team building, communication, understanding the impact of change (resilience of teams), planning ahead and implementing change (strategic and operational), exploring new solutions to challenges (learning from difficult situations). Partnerships have in addition looked at succession planning, major changes (mergers and splits), recruitment, federation, leadership and decision making. Also on offer with enough notice and subject to availability is a free meeting room at Southern House, Otterbourne as a venue for your away day.

If you would like to arrange a preliminary conversation with one of the facilitators, or to find out how other practices have made use of this service then in the first instance please contact one of us, either David ( or Nicki (  or Sally (

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