Dr Sally Ross

IMG_2840Sally is an ex-Royal Navy GP with 22 years of progressive leadership & change management experience.  She was the first female doctor to serve with the Royal Marines, and in an operational warship.  Sally successfully completed Joint Command & Staff Training (unusual for doctors!) and led 4 primary care clinical teams as senior partner in the Royal Naval Medical service.  Sally led the (global) RN Primary Care delivery team, before leaving to become a NHS GP in Portsmouth for the last 15 years.

A former senior partner and GP trainer/educator before merging her practice, she went on to be an LMC medical director, where she piloted the NHS Vulnerable Practice Scheme for NHSE (Wessex), leaving to become a facilitator and GP advisor, and working for both the NHS and a commercial GP training company, (GP Update – ‘Red Whale’).  

She has a particular interest in teamworking and empowered leadership.  She continues to work as a NHS GP, a GP Tutor and GP Appraiser, and undertakes some pro-bono mentorship affiliated to the TVWLA.

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