Primary Care Networks (PCNs)

We have been working with NHS England and the CCGs in Wessex to support the GP Resilience Programme since 2016 and have been providing practice facilitation via the Professional Development Unit (PDU) at HEE Wessex (‘The Deanery’) for several years prior to this.  Through this work, we have observed the potential difficulties which different GP practices often experience when starting to work together, but also the significant achievements, which can be realised by collaborative working between practices.  This work is developing further, rapidly, as practices have formed into Primary Care Networks, (PCNs).


The development from single-handed practitioners to the planned ‘fully expanded community multidisciplinary teams’ described in the NHS Long Term Plan ( over the last 70 years is pretty rapid in human evolutionary terms, and Facilitation can be highly effective in opening up, and starting to address, some of the barriers to progress which often emerge in this process.


Wessex Facilitation understands the workings of NHS general practice.  We understand the daily reality of trying to move your business forward whilst wanting and needing to see patients simultaneously.  We understand that budgets for ‘strategic development’ and ‘project management’ don’t really exist within the GMS/PMS contract payments, and that NHS contracts often require you to deliver before you have time to plan as effectively as you would wish.  We anticipate that in some situations a PCN Clinical Director could be hard pressed to deliver the dramatic change envisioned by the new Network Contract in just 2 sessions a week, without excellent team support and a well-designed plan.


We offer a realistic and bespoke approach to help you address your practice issues, primary care team building, working at scale venture and new Network formation.  Whether you are currently working at the forward edge of change and looking to innovate further, or whether you are finding the new changes unwelcome and difficult to address, skilled facilitation can help.  We passionately believe that facilitation should empower you to achieve your goals, and that this is best delivered through a personal approach, rather than a standardised corporate method.  We therefore offer a fully confidential, trusting and bespoke approach which is underpinned by valid experience and GP-educational expertise.


If you would like to discuss development of your PCN, or for your PCN Clinical Director, please feel free to contact one of us for an initial chat about how we could support you.

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