Mentoring and Support

Mentoring and supporting individuals can take many forms. From career mentoring, working through particular issues such as a complaint or tension in a team or practice, helping in a new role (such as executive partner, chairing meetings) or help in setting up or running clinical or significant event meetings including Balint type groups.

Mentoring relationships can therefore be very brief, such as one meeting, or a series of meetings relatively close together, or last for many years.  Mentoring is often seen as extremely valuable in the development of leadership skills.  It can also provide ‘off-line’ support for management responsibilities and can offer an external and confidential ‘sense check’ to challenge assumptions and recognise the ‘bigger picture’.

Mentoring originated in Ancient Greece, in which the relationship involved providing guidance and giving advice.  Modern, ‘developmental mentoring’ is more facilitative, less directive and is more focused on learning and reflection.  Wessex Facilitation offers this more modern and holistic approach, in helping mentees at whatever stage they have reached in their leadership journey.

If you would like to discuss mentoring further, please contact one of us.  You can also reach Sally via the NHS Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy mentor net.

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