General Practitioner and practice Resilience

GP resilience diagnostic/ facilitation to help consolidate or develop your practice


Wessex facilitation work closely with partners and managers to design bespoke programs in General Practice to help maintain services, facilitate those tough conversations and decisions and develop profitability. We are used to working with practices in Wessex and know where the opportunities for resources and support can be found . After an initial conversation between us, a  Partner and ideally a practice manager (PM) we will plan a series of coaching conversations with key individuals and teams. Meetings can be face to face or remote video calls. This will vary depending on the issues the practice is facing but from past experience it is likely to include looking at several of the areas noted below. We have a number of survey and questionnaire we can use from one looking at team effectiveness to a full practice staff 360. Along with resources and tools that will help you see where interventions and support could be most useful. We aim to produce an agreed plan over a couple of months (phase 1), help you make a start on immediate priorities over the next few months (phase 2) and develop a longer term strategy for the practice and key individuals with some realistic targets (phase 3).    


Our work with practices since 2016 has been reviewed and frequent areas that are common in a number of practices have been identified. These are outlined below but we should stress that each practice has individual and unique needs and the information below is more a sample of what might be on the ‘menu’.  

If you want more information about how we might work with you then email details of what you are looking for to If you choose to go ahead we will design a program to identify key areas for support and help you plan how to meet these from within the available funding. Working with you we will develop an action list with targets to allow you to monitor progress.


Areas that we have looked at with other practices (this is not an exclusive list)

In Clinical services:

Review of current clinical model in use

Work flow optimisation

Targeting support available through PCN

If under Doctored how to recruit or cover

Coaching to support any individual with key support or supervision needs – this might include any unresolved issues eg mediation over differences, a member of a clinical team underperforming, managing or recovering from complaints, feelings of unfair distribution of workload (we know these can be very difficult to talk about but when unaddressed they can really impact on an individuals or teams performance and resilience)

Working to help clinical teams manage difficult situations, these can be drs, nurse or other teams . These can be from observing existing meetings or take the form of a staff team appraisal.

Identifying and addressing any tensions in or between clinical teams

Managing specific demands eg oncall rotas, cover for illness, vaccination, winter measures etc

Individual and team supervision


In Management :

Working with business owners and management team

Leadership and succession issues

Governance and decision making – ensuring you have efficient and effective decision making

Supporting PM and key admin roles

Clarification of strategic plan (this might be a crises plan for 3-6 months or a longer term plan for the practice over 3-5 years

Finance Review including funding opportunities, key projects and roles

Identifying HR support and supporting difficult conversations eg linked to staff appraisal, evolving job descriptions or underperformance



Review clinical and admin spaces

Opportunities / risks

Creating new consulting space

Optimising patient flow

Managing changing patterns of consultations and working remotely




Other potential sources of income

Managing Patient expectations]

Maximising the use of a patient group


If necessary / desired

Opportunities for working at scale –

Crises planning


Please contact one of us if you would like to know more about this work and the resources available to General Practices under this scheme.

Our work with practices in 2016 and 2017 has been reviewed and frequent areas that are common in a number of practices have been identified. For more information see this summary of key themes from GPRP (2016)presented at the Faculty of medical leadership and management conference 2017.



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