Dr David Owen

David works half time as a holistic family doctor and half time as a coach, facilitator and supervisor. He is experienced in working with individuals, teams and organisations in primary and secondary care. He is passionate about unlocking the potential in those he works with, exploring where individuals and teams are stuck and learning from these and other ‘points of pain’. He offers leadership development to individual and teams and is a coach for the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management:


In teams he has a track record for helping them look at challenging issues, plan strategically and manage change. David is a member of the Wessex deanery tutor group training GP trainers and providing clinical supervision training. He has worked in a number of educational roles, including leading on personal professional development at the medical school at the University of Southampton. He has been a ‘responsible officer (RO)’ and appraiser of RO’s working with medical and clinical directors and their teams including running leadership training, strategic and team reviews, mergers and change management projects. He is enthusiastic about working with health professionals of all levels of experience who have a commitment to their personal and professional development. Integrating working with individuals and teams, believing ‘good doctors and health professions are grown not manufactured’ and we each share a ‘responsibility for the teams we belong to’.

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David used a holistic model of  consultancy while working as an organisational consultant in the third sector over a number of years. For the last 10 years has concentrated on working with doctors, health professionals, their teams and practices.  He has experienced the benefits of regular individual and group supervision in his own work and is passionate to share the benefits this can offer not just to health professionals but also through improved team and organisational performance to enhance patient care. 

David has developed a model based on ‘five different realms of practice’ to explore difficulties and to enhance how groups and individuals respond to those challenges. He co-edited Clinical Supervision in the Medical Profession: Structured Reflective Practice.  

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